Why Choose Bill?

  1. Coaching businesses for over 15 years to extraordinary results. His true love is coaching and teaching.
  2. Over 38 years of business experience in sales, marketing, customer service, supply chain logistics, and strategic planning.
  3. Sales expertise in leading and turning poor performing sales teams into the top sales teams in the organization.  His teams have never finished lower than second, nationally.
  4. Expert at marketing and developing strategies to advertise and launch major products- with one becoming the top product in its category, worldwide.
  5. As Director of Operations, he led the Customer Service function and Supply Chain Logistics of a major corporation.  He also developed a Collaborative Inventory Management System with major customers, which drove approximately $21 million of quantifiable costs out of the supply chain, evolving into just in time inventory to the customers and smoothing manufacturing cycles.
  6. Organized and decisive as evidenced by being a leader in 2 company mergers, demonstrating the ability to deliver under pressure and in uncertain times.
  7. Experienced as a Team Leader having led multiple cross-functional teams from finance, sales & marketing, and manufacturing that enhanced corporate profitability.
  8. As a Baseball Coach, Bill has taught young people at all levels about the game, but more importantly about teamwork and fair play.
  9. Bill enjoys many outdoor activities, all sports, and spending time with his friends and family.
  10. BS Business Administration   New York University.
  11. He is committed to his clients’ success… for he believes that your success is his success.