Business/Executive Coaching Results

When we started working with Rick we were wandering in the darkness of the business world. We knew the technical side of our business (auto glass) but had been trying to run our business by trial and error, mainly error!

We found out about Rick and Bill through a referral by a trusted friend and fellow businessman. He couldn’t say enough good things about his experiences with Paramount. We had our first consultation with Rick and found him to be honest and driven to help small businesses just like ours succeed.

With ongoing meetings with Rick, and seminars with both Rick and Bill we have learned how to focus on running our business and not having the business run us.

Rick has been a valuable asset to us and our business.  He helped us to gain a better understanding of cashflow, lead tracking, goal setting and generating the proper financial reports.

These crucial foundational business building blocks have given us a basis on which to better understand and grow our business.

We now move into the future with a vision and a plan for success thanks to Paramount Business Development!

Chuck and Kim Eckhart, Liberty AutoGlass


When you are trained in vet school, you learn everything about your patients, their illnesses and what to do to help them. You are taught very little of business or how to run a business. In 2005, my wife and I opened Southtown Veterinary Hospital bringing what little knowledge we had.  Within a few years that knowledge was exhausted, and we were floundering.  We did not understand Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, good hiring practices and how to monitor how our business was doing.  We tried working with other business “coaches” and most were interested in selling us their version of what our business should be.  When we met Rick, he was interested in our business becoming what we wanted it to be, what entrepreneurs are, and mistakes they have made.  He taught us how to read our financial statements.  He taught us what good hiring practices were to improve our staffing.  He gave us resources to learn from and he gave us tools that we use to this day to monitor our business progress.  He taught us to work ON our business not just IN our business.  We were able to move our small animal hospital from a small rental to a brand new 4500sq ft, state-of-the-art, hospital that will, in the future, be attractive to someone looking to purchase.

Dr. Bob Sullivan, Southtown Veterinary Hospital

Paramount Business Development helped us to transform our business and create an incredible team. Rick’s coaching skills made us look at our business in ways we had not, he helped us identify and address our challenges to make business decisions we needed to attain our goals. Skills we continue to use daily. With his help we have improved our hiring process, our communications, our business development, our cash flow, and most importantly the culture of our business.

Maria Medei, Casilio Concrete

Rick has been a valuable resource for our business for the past 13 years. He has helped us to strategize the growth of our business in marketing, hiring of salespeople, hiring that next right person, and big business decisions.  During this time period we have nearly tripled our number of employees and grown our revenues by 600%.

Jim Blachek and Jeff Haudenschield, The Benefits Group

I want to thank you for all you have taught me about sales. The approach to sales that you have taught me makes it much more natural an seamless. I have had 27 years of experience in the HVAC business. And, I have taken many sales classes, closing around 30%. After working with you, I am consistently closing now at 60%, with higher gross margins.

Bob Grady of SOS Xtreme


Through our discussions analyzing and identifying issues, you made me realize what was important to me. You brought out what makes me tick and renewed my passion for what I am doing. I made some major decisions and personal changes which not only changed my attitude and business focus, but also my life style.

Matt (Wilkes Barre, PA)

What I believe sets Rick Munson and his coaching apart is his passion to see OUR business succeed. It is never about Rick or his team, it is about helping us reach our full potential. Thank you Rick!

Shlomo Fink, David Elliot Poultry Farm, Inc.



Rick has had a dramatic effect on several areas of our company. We have increased sales and are making more profit. We did better in 2009 and 2010 despite the poor economy. We have had dramatic increases in sales the last two years. We have had a great return on our investment in working with Rick.

The best part is we understand our financials and understand how to make more money. In the past, it seemed like every time sales went up, profits went down. One of the most important disciplines we have learned is how to set pricing and understand our “profit model.”

Rick has helped us rethink how we do our sales, marketing, pricing and team structure,

and many other items. I can unequivocally recommend Rick for whatever problems you are facing in your company, no matter how big or small your company is. He is really a great advisor and gives great advice. He will be a great asset to your company.

Michael Katz, President and Owner, RJ Groner Company, Stroudsburg, PA

2011 was our best year so far! Can’t thank you enough for all that you do!

Larry & Denise Fox, Larry Fox Siding, LLC, (Thornhurst, PA)


I am happy to say that his professional insight, leadership and financial knowledge have propelled us onto the path of success. We are seeing immediate results and plan to continue our work with Rick for another year.

Marsha (Stroudsburg, PA)



Rick Munson and Bill Skinner lay out a fresh and concise way to create a plan. Great coaches with real world experience who understand business. Business is more than a bottom line and Rick and Bill help you see your business with clarity.

Anne (Riegelsville, PA)

I have heard Rick speak at multiple conferences. All of the information that he presents is extremely relevant and helpful for my current situation as the future leader of my third generation family owned business. After Rick presented at a recent conference, I decided to set up a meeting for help with Succession Planning. It is my belief that Rick will be a beneficial partner in the planning for the future of my company.

Jamie (Mystic, CT)


As Chairman of the Board of PMCC, I really appreciate your professional, creative, and honest approach. Your ability to pull our group together, yet allow us to express our individual ideas was not only productive for us, but made the process very enjoyable.

Denise (Stroudsburg, PA)


I recently attended the 90 Day Planning Session held by Rick. I can’t stress the benefit enough of taking a day to development a clear strategy for you to implement and grow your business. Thanks Rick!

Jean (Stroudsburg, PA)

Paramount’s guidance and leadership helped our executive team to focus and implement changes in the way we strategically plan for our short-and long-term goals. We achieved results in our though processes and visions for the company almost immediately.

Ron Leight, Celerity Integrated Services, Inc.

Rick and his team at Paramount Business Development have been an invaluable asset to our business for several years. He has not only mentored me and our executive team, but he has helped develop and implement crucial business strategies across all departments within our organization. I can say with certainty that without Rick’s guidance and expertise, our business would not be the success that it is today!

Rob Ace, Robert K Ace Jr. Construction

Paramount Business Development has played a critical part in the success of our company’s transition to third generation ownership.  Without the guidance of Rick Munson, I would have never been able to tackle the demands that ownership requires.  We were able to focus on the growth I personally needed to step up to this challenge, but also the discipline, leadership, and vision needed for success.  I am very thankful for the time I have been able to learn and grow with Paramount but also the friendship of Rick and the staff.  I highly recommend using Paramount’s services for business, management, and leadership development and growth.

Steve Reisinger, Donald E. Reisinger, Inc.


Working with Rick has been a great experience. He will tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. His company wants you to succeed and they make that a top priority. Even if you are successful in your business or think you do not need help, Rick will find ways to make you even more successful. He had me measure and test all the advertising I was doing. This is huge because if one advertisement is not working for you, stop wasting the money and spend it where it is working for your business. Working with Paramount Business Development will absolutely increase your bottom line. Thanks Rick!

Tom Sforza of Best Auto Service Center, Tannersville, PA

A Pickett was in the midst of a leadership transition from the first to second generation.  We were still a successful business, but we knew we could be much more.  Rick and Paramount helped coach us through some dramatic changes regarding our operational capabilities to help us become the premier regional general contractor in Northeast Pennsylvania.  We used their services to perform an in-depth strategic analysis that helps guide our decisions as it relates to our goals.  Rick also holds our company’s leadership accountable to these goals and continually pokes and prods as needed to ensure we get what we want (not what he wants) out of our company.  He challenges our conceptions and misconceptions about what we feel should be the way business is done.

James Solano, A Pickett Construction

When our 75-year-old family business was transitioning from second generation to third, a friend who had benefited from Rick’s business coaching recommended we work with Rick on our succession planning. Rick guided us through the process like he had been there before, focusing on both our company’s operations and ownership. He helped us keep to our timeline and connect with the necessary professionals at each step of the way. We now stand proudly almost two years past the ownership transfer date. While I would not say the process was easy or smooth, I will confidently say that having a partner we could trust who had done this before was immeasurably helpful. Thank you!

Natan and Yehudah Fink-Third Generation Owner/Operators, David Elliot Poultry Farm, Inc.

Hi Bill,

I have been billing out work completed and tonight I reached 2 Million in revenue (Accrual)!!!!!! Ye-ha, wasn’t sure I’d ever get there. I’m also at 10% profitability. Thanks for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. (well, maybe if I lived and worked into my 80’s). Anyway I’ll see you tomorrow.

Paul Snellen, Paul Wright Roofing


A focus on sales and getting the sale.

Matt (Stroudsburg, PA)


Rick Munson and his company helped us understand the factors that impinge upon our small business and gave us the tools to deal with those factors.  We applied the techniques and protocols that measure where we are and that, most importantly, provide a compass for where we want to go.  An outside Advisor disciplined us to set goals, develop action plans, and measure our success in meeting those goals.  I am indebted to Rick for helping to guide us through a transition period in our business.  His enthusiasm and dedication are infectious.

Michael R. Haas, V.M.D., M.S. of AVH Veterinary Group, LLC, Pen Argyl, PA


Mountain Springs LakeYou have helped open our minds to the wonderful possibilities our business can become.  We have had significant improvements in our Sales Conversion ratio – up 30% from the previous year.  Your advice on how to deal with certain staff issues has been met positively by all parties involved.  In addition, our staff is better able to enjoy their jobs, because our customers are more pleasant…due to your customer service training.

Robin Radar of Mountain Springs Lake Resort, Reeders, PA


I have known Rick Munson for several years and strongly recommend him. Rick really understands his business and can help you with yours. He brings a tremendous amount of passion and energy to his work, which coupled with his knowledge and expertise make him the choice as a business advisor.

Jeff (Stroudsburg, PA)


Sales conversion has increased from 39% to 60%…just go for it, it has helped us immensely.

Josh (Easton, PA)

A little over one year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Munson from Paramount Business Development. Through Rick’s guidance …I saw my sales conversion start to grow exponentially. On average, the conversion rate from cold lead to closed lead was floating around 15%. After one year of coaching, we went back to review our progress and I was ecstatic to see the average to be approaching 60%! It does work! I couldn’t thank him and his organization enough for helping me achieve my professional goals.

Chris Hardy of R.F. Ohl, Inc.


Rick holds me accountable for everything that we discuss that we feel will be beneficial for my business.

Alex Gans of Rowe Door Sales, Duryea, PA

Rick helped us focus on what needed to be done and helped assemble a time frame and outline to get it done.

Moshe Fink, David Elliot Poultry Farm, Inc.

Rick and Paramount provided the business tools necessary to get us through the good times and the bad times.  One example of many: Rick worked closely with Dawn and me to develop, work through, and give clear meaning to the core values of our business. These values are our guiding principles that we use daily to keep us on track.

We thought we had the right framework to grow our business and we were not totally honest with ourselves.

Thanks to Rick Munson and Paramount.

Dawn and Jerome Washo, Resource Environmental Management, Inc.

“Rick has helped me gather my thoughts and identify options is solving problems in my business. He holds me accountable using reminders to help identify business challenges through resolution.”

George H-Hazleton


When a friend asked me why I got a business advisor, the best way I could explain it, was it is pointed out it is really the exact same reason people at the gym hire a personal trainer.  On your own you’d stop at 25 repetitions, the personal trainer gets you to go to 30 or 35 or even more reps.  Plus they can give you feedback about your form, your progress, and your choice of exercises that can only come from a skilled knowledgeable observer.  A business advisor is a personal trainer for your business.  In the short time I have been working with Rick, he has pushed me and my business to accomplish things much more quickly and efficiently than I would have done without him.  While I am working harder on my business that I have a long time, it is much easier to put in that extra effort with Rick’s encouragement and guidance.  The only place I can see it going from here is better.

Steve (Stroudsburg, PA)


Thanks for being an awesome president and bringing Stroudsburg BNI back to the big leagues!

Steve (Phillipsburg, PA)


In the short time I have been working with Rick, he has pushed me and my business to accomplish things much more quickly and efficiently than I would have done without him.  While I am working harder on my business than I have in a long time, it is much easier to put in that extra effort with Rick’s encouragement and guidance.

Steve (Stroudsburg, PA)

Bill, the following is a note I received from one of our recent clients  – “We were in town for a wedding and many of our friends stayed in the standard Hotel chains. They all agreed we had it all over them. Big, clean rooms with your car parked 10 feet from your door. …Nice.  You will never stay at a motel where the owner makes homemade cherry cheese cake left in the kitchen area for all guests to enjoy. This place is a real slice of good old America”

Owner Follow up – Dear Bill,
Thanks to your knowledge and patience with me, the client testimonial above is really a tribute to you for teaching me how to be a good entrepreneur, and even though I am working more “in” than “on” this business, I have you to thank for even being able to recognize that fact and making every effort to switch to “on”.

Mamie D. of Flower Field Motel


Planning to success – accountability, and follow-up is key!

Lisa (Stroudsburg, PA)



Terry (East Stroudsburg, PA)

Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp Testimonials


It far exceeded my expectations.

Jason (East Stroudsburg, PA)


10 out of 10!  Learning how to improve my business.

Paula (Stroudsburg, PA)


I realized how important an action plan is – can’t wait to go back and start a plan.

Ania (Effort, PA)

medifastI wanted to thank you and Bill again for an intense, but very informative workshop.  You forced me to think of the end first and then whittling down my goals to what’s important and most effective.  You also looked at what I’m already doing and how to easily improve it…focusing on the inexpensive or no-money approaches first. I will be back to your 90 day planning workshop and will recommend to my colleagues and associates as well!


Sales Boot Camp Workshop Testimonials


3 things to do differently starting tomorrow.

Ed (Stroudsburg, PA)


Opened my eyes on viewing, selling and promotion process.

Amy (Stroudsburg, PA)


How to be a professional salesperson, not just an order taker.

Holly (Stroudsburg, PA)