Please Tells Us About Your Business

1 - Less than 10 Employees2 - 10 – 20 Employees3 - 20 – 50 Employees4 - 50 – 100 Employees5 - Over 100 Employees

Please Select Your Role At Company

1 - I Am Not Associated With Company, or Am a Customer or Supplier2 - I Am an Employee3 - I Am a Front Line Supervisor / Manager4 - I Am a Senior Executive / Manager5 - I Am an Owner

Tell Us About Your Current Team

1 - My Team Runs Almost By Itself And They Do A Great Job2 - My Team Is Working OK, but Needs Some Tweaking3 - My Team Is OK, and I Need To Get Better Performance4 - I Have Some OK Team Members, Poor Ones, and Great Ones, I Need A Much Better Team5 - I Can't Trust Them To Do Anything and Am Always Fixing Their Mistakes

Tell Us About Your Team Relative To Goals / Performance Measurements

1 - I Have A Goal Measurement System Set Up And The Team Is Measure By Performance Toward The Goals2 - I Have Good Goals By Department And The Team Knows Them3 - I Have Goals, And Have Only Partially Shared Them With The Team, But Progress Is Not Monitored or Reported To The Team.4 - I Have Goals But I Do Not Share Them With The Team5 - I Do Not Have Goals For The Company, or A Measurement System