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Leadership Coaching

Are you completely satisfied where you are today or do you want to grow your business? Are you ready to take the necessary first steps that lead down the road to success?

Success is a choice. It’s a choice you have to make every single day along the path to achieving your dreams. You can choose to own your business or you can allow yourself to be owned by your business. Paramount Executive Coaching is ready to help you build the powerful leadership skills you will need to grow your business and reach your dreams.

The truth is that not everyone is a natural leader. In fact, taking on a leadership role feels very awkward and unnatural to most people. The good news is that with proper training effective leadership can be learned. Paramount Executive Coaching teaches that leadership is not a single management technique, but a bundle of interdependent skills that will improve your performance and get the most from those around you. We help you build on your own particular talents and special abilities to become the leader you want and need to be. You wouldn’t choose to go into battle unarmed and you can’t afford to go into business without the tools to be successful.

Executive Coaching with Paramount will fundamentally change the way you think about your business so you can improve today’s performance while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. We will help you identify and correct any weaknesses or blind spots that can handicap or even destroy your business. As your company grows so will the challenges you face. Paramount works hand in hand with you to help you avoid pitfalls and keep your business development on track.

The difference between a trainer and a coach is that the coach stays with you during the game. At Paramount, we understand that even the best strategy can rapidly fall apart at the first sign of crisis or sometimes at the first signs of success. What good is a plan if you don’t use it? This is where most businesses fail and why having a Paramount coach is so important. Consistent implementation means you have to fully understand your plan and be able to recognize missteps before they happen.

As a business leader, you need to know how to accurately assess your own performance and that of others to that you can tell if you are headed in the right direction. Before starting a journey, you need to know where you are going. Paramount will show you how to get there by clarifying both near and long term goals for yourself and your company and teaching you how to measure your success in real numbers. At every step you will be able to measure your progress and fine tune the new skills you have acquired.


  • Developing and enhancing executive skills
  • Creating an individual development plan (IDP) for executive transitions
  • Building and leading high-performance teams
  • Establishing your vision
  • Creating an executive dashboard
  • Communicating simply and powerfully
  • One on one influence conversations
  • Creating an influence campaign
  • Managing up
  • Engaging and motivating employees
  • Creating and coaching ad hoc teams
  • Managing time
  • Comprehensive delegation strategies
  • Moving critical issues forward
  • Leading through change
  • Leading performance improvement
  • The attitudes and habits of an executive
  • Thinking comprehensively
  • Give something back
  • Eliminating your “executive blind spots”
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Building in accountability plans
  • Personal development plans
  • Financial competency

Please read testimonials from some of our clients and see how Paramount has taken their companies to new heights. Then give us a call. At Paramount, tomorrow begins today.