Rick Munson – Business/Executive Coach, Author, MBA, PE, BSME

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Rick is a senior business executive whose expert strategic business planning and leadership/team development skills have led organizations through turnaround situations, out of labor difficulties and strikes, and revitalized old manufacturing plants.

During his 35+ years of experience, Rick has used his results-oriented style to develop strategic action plans for increasing profitability through increased sales and lower costs. He has used various problem solving and quality methodologies to optimize processes and simplify delivering goods and services at a higher level of superiority and performance. His strong, communicative, hands-on leadership style has been critical to the development of high performance management teams and highly motivated work forces.

Distinguished by his passion for business, Rick started Paramount Business Development over 15 years ago to offer his varied experience and broad knowledge to help business leaders in many industries improve their business results, develop better teams, coach executives to greater personal performance, and guide companies through succession. During this time, for nearly 6 years, he was a Master Licensed Business Coach with the world’s largest business coaching organization. While with that organization he was awarded Global Top 100 Coach many times, and achieved the level of Platinum Master Mentor Business Coach. Furthermore, he earned a North American Region award for Consistency of Client Results.

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Guided by his very direct and client goal attainment approach, which most of the time is about the bottom line, Rick has led companies to breakthrough results.  Over the course of time, Rick and Paramount has coached many construction industry companies to amazing successes. For example, a current client has quadrupled in just over 3 years, another client has had repeat record profitability years, and finally another client realized the ultimate goal to successfully sell themselves to a much larger regional company.

Rick has an MBA from the University of Louisiana, and a BSME from Purdue University. He is a Certified Executive Coach, a Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, a Certified Practitioner of Profiles International Assessments, and an author of several business/leadership books available on Amazon. Additionally, Rick is very involved in the local community as a member of several chambers, Pocono Builders Assn., and ABC Inc.  He is also a Mason, past President of the Rotary Club of the Stroudsburgs, and a past Boy Scout Leader.