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What would it be worth to you if you could Increase your Conversion Rate from 25%-30%?!

Well, with “Sales Magic,” you can! We have taken this proven, new and innovative way of selling and broken it down into a 5 part and 10 part webinar series. Whether you are a new salesperson, or a very experienced salesperson, this series will teach you how to sell more, have a higher conversion rate and teach you a low-pressure/no-pressure way of selling to today’s customers.

When you purchase the 5 part webinar series….
You will receive free access to the following downloads: A Sales Etiquette Booklet; A Plan to Win Form (business to business and business to consumer); 12 Step Diagram; Great Questions Flowchart; and Evaluate the Call.

When you purchase the 10 part webinar series….
In addition to everything above, you will also have free access to the following downloads: A USP Planning Document with Questionnaire; A Positioning Statement Planning Document; A Company Story Planning Document; A Brag Book Format Planner; and a Detailed Spreadsheet for Planning “Take-Alongs”. In addition to the downloads, you will have free access to short videos on the following topics: Developing Your USP; Developing Your Company Story; Developing Your Positioning Statement; Developing Your Personal Story; Developing a Brag Book for Show and Tell; Cold Calling; Developing Your Sales Process; Lead Tracking and Management; Competitor Analysis; Buyer’s Remorse; Follow Up and Referral Requests; Marketing 10×10 Plan; and Networking.

So invest in yourself today by purchasing “Sales Magic” and enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home. As you watch your conversion rate continue to increase, you will be happy that you did!

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