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Please Tells Us About Your Business

1 - Less than 10 Employees2 - 10 – 20 Employees3 - 20 – 50 Employees4 - 50 – 100 Employees5 - Over 100 Employees

Please Select Your Role At Company

1 - I Am Not Associated With Company, Or Am a Customer Or Supplier2 - I Am An Employee3 - I Am a Front Line Supervisor / Manager4 - I Am a Senior Executive / Manager5 - I Am An Owner

Tell Us About Your Duties In Your Role

1 - I Work Within a Specific Department With No Supervisory Responsibility2 - I Manage a Department With a Number Of Direct Reports3 - I Oversee a Department Comprised Of Multiple Disciplines With Managers Reporting To Me4 - I Oversee a Complete Business Unit With Multiple Departments Reporting To Me5 - I Am In Charge Of the Entire Company

Tell Us What You Think Makes You Successful

1 - Leading My Team To Perform And Exceed Goals2 - Having a Vision And a Plan To Achieve Goals3 - Being Able To Adapt To Changes And Remain Positive4 - Working Hard And Doing Everything To Insure It Is Done Right5 - Luck

Where Do You Think You Need To Improve To Lead Better

1 - Nothing I Can Think Of To Improve Upon2 - Be Able To Delegate To Obtain Better Results And Life Balance3 - Communicate More Effectively With the Team4 - Develop a Strong Vision And a Solid Strategic Plan5 - Become More Confident To Lead Better