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The Business Power Play:  This 2 hour workshop is the foundational course that will revolutionize the way you look at your business and your financial statements.  We will show you how there is so much more than just sales, margins, and profits.  We will show you the power of looking at 5 key areas in your business to grow your profits.  We will show you how to easily grow your profits by over 60%!

 7 Phases of Building a Winning Business:  This 2 hour workshop is the cornerstone to our belief that there is a methodology of building a successful business.  The key is to work ON your business, not just IN your business.  By working on your business, you can increase the value of your business, IE your “retirement account.”  This concise fast paced workshop is guaranteed to change the way you think about your business….forever.

Realistic Succession Planning for Privately Owned Businesses:  This 2 hour workshop helps you start planning for your exit from your business, or for the ultimate sale of your business.  At the very least, every business needs to be doing this to develop bench strength and stronger leaders for better performance.  We break down what “Corporate America” has been doing for years into doable steps for the private business owner.  Get YOUR business ready for massive growth, autonomous operation, or sale!

LEAD or Get Out of the Way!  The 8 Key Principles of Great Leadership:  This 2 hour workshop is the beginning level of our leadership coaching.  In this workshop you will learn key mistakes that company leaders make that undermine their effectiveness at running and growing a company.  You will also learn how to build an amazing high performance team through great leadership skills.  If YOU want to build an amazing team, it starts with YOU!

 Leading through Tumultuous and Uncertain Times:   Do you feel like today’s world is one new catastrophe after the last disaster?  Are you always reeling from the last high drama event?  Concerned about the Economy, Election, Obamacare, etc., etc.???  Learn out to lead your team confidently out of uncertainty and into your new, more secure future!  In this workshop we will how you the best ways in uncertain times and how to still build a winning company in your market.  This workshop is offered in a 2 hour format.

 7 Key Points to Leading Younger Generation Workers:   Have you been struggling with the younger generation workers.  Have you experienced a high level of turnover with workers under 35?  Have you thought there must be a better way? … there must be something I am missing?  Younger generations have different values and preferences.  They really aren’t so much different than we were at that age!!!  Learn the secrets to making this work!  This workshop is offered in a 2 hour format.

 The 6 Disciplines of Execution – How to get things done!:  Are you tired of setting goals that never get accomplished.  Are you frustrated with stalled initiatives and programs?  This workshop can help you learn the critical steps to accomplishing your goals and making things happen.  We will show you 6 Disciplines of Execution to help you get things moving forward.  This workshop is offered in a 1 hour, or 2 hour, format and is fast paced and results oriented.


 Plan For Success:  an 8 hour workshop that is held on a yearly basis. The business leader will go through a business planning process for his/her business.  This workshop will guide you through competitive analysis, goal setting, 90 day goal setting, and devising an ACTION plan of to do items designed to reach your goals for the 90 day period, and year.  This 8 – 16 hour workshop is recommended to all business owners that want to start moving forward with their business and make solid progress toward their goals. Included in this workshop fee is a follow-up personalized 1 on 1 planning session specifically for your business.

 The Science of a Profitable Business:  Are you confused by your financial statements?  Do you have trouble understanding what they are telling you?  Would you like to read them as easy as the Sunday Comics?  “The Science of a Profitable Business” will show you how to run your company better by understanding your financial statements, key financial ratios, and key performance indicators.  You will also learn the importance of Dashboards and how to set one up for your company.  This workshop is offered in a 4 hour condensed session, or an 8 hour format.

Overcome OVERWHELM!:  is a 2 hour workshop that will show you how to win your time back!  Are you feeling pressured by deadlines?  Is there never enough time in the day?  Are you working longer and longer hours, while getting further behind?  We will show you how to master your use of time, complete your most critical task and overcome that constant feeling of being overwhelmed. You need “Overcome OVERWHELM!”



Sales Magic:  is a 2 hour workshop that focuses on the basics of sales.  This is a great workshop for those that are new to sales, or those that need to come back to the basics.   “Sales Magic!” will reenergize your workforce and emphasize the basic tools of selling.  You are guaranteed to improve your conversion ratio after attending this powerful workshop.

Prospects to Profit$:  is a 2 hour workshop that focuses on taking that prospect all the way to a RAVING FAN! Do you often have leads in your business that never go anywhere? Do you want to turn one time buyers into repeat customers? Would you like your customers bringing you referrals? “Prospects to Profit$” will show you how!

Winning Customer Service:  is available in a 2 hour, or 8 hour format.  The 2 hour format is great for a workshop of a wide audience.  The 8 hour format is great for intense learning within a department, or specific company.  “Winning Customer Service” will put the “service” back in your customer service department.  Did you ever long to have “RAVING FAN” service?  Did you ever want your customers coming back for more, and more, and more….  “Winning Customer Service” will teach you the keys to making it happen!



 Marketing Mojo:  This 2 hour workshop will teach you how to turn your Advertising & Marketing expense into an investment.  Do you want to stop wasting your Advertising and Marketing dollars?  Do you feel ‘half’ your money is wasted on Advertising…but not sure which ‘half?’  Do you want to get more money back in sales for every dollar spent in Advertising and Marketing?  This workshop will show you how to do it for your company!



The 5 Steps to Better Hiring:  is a 2 hour workshop designed to show you how to hire more efficiently and effectively.  Are you tired of having poor new hires?  Are you struggling with high turnover within the first year of hiring?  Do you want to hire the best of the best?  Do you want to attract only the most committed?  Learn how to ‘get the right people on the bus’ with “5 Steps to Better Hiring.”

Build YOUR Dream Team:  is available in a 2 hour, or 8 hour format.  “Build YOUR Dream Team” will show you how to build your dream team of employees so you can finally take a real vacation.  Learn how to delegate, empower, motivate, and excite your team into top performers!

Build your Team & Instill a Culture of Coaching:  New times require new methods.  Are you still using the post-war Command & Control methods?  Learn why instilling a Culture of Coaching in your organization will lead to higher performance and create the company that people will want to work for.  Meanwhile employee engagement and satisfaction will soar.  This workshop is offered in a 2 hour format.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace:  Does your workplace have constant conflict?  Do issues never seem to go away?  Do you have high performing good employees that just can’t seem to get along?  Maybe the real issue is that you and your company needs a positive process for dealing with Conflict!  Not sure?  What is the cost of conflict in your workplace?  What would it be worth to you if we could show you a way to solve it?  Find out how in this 2 hour workshop.